Now you need to learn to take appetizing pictures with your crapp-o point+click camera! So, how do we do that? By looking to other food bloggers!

I read a couple tutorials such as this one or this. I still have so much to learn!

So I went to work experimenting. I didn’t have time to cook anything from scratch for breakfast or lunch because I spent the morning doing “research” and playing with props and lighting, so these were our quickie meals.

spinach ricotta ravioli with sundried tomato pesto

mmm, closeup of freshly grated parmigianno


So, as usual, I am both a procrastinator (in starting this blog) and impatient. I figured one day of  training is plenty.  And so…  it begins!


Comments on: "You have a new food blog, now what?" (3)

  1. I keep saying I’m going to work on my photography, but when the food is done, I just want to hurry and eat! lol … I hope someday to get a better camera than the one I have now.

  2. This looks soo good! And I am starving!!

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