My Chai – version one

You know those days… it’s cold outside, maybe a drizzle of rain, your hands are freezing and you need some comfort. I have just the thing for you. 🙂

There are a few ways I make chai but this is my basic go-to one. Ginger and Cardamom. Oh, good stuff, those!

Chai for two:

To a small pot add 1 cup (whatever cup you will be drinking from is what I use to measure) of water. Smash 1 inch of peeled gingerroot with the bottom of something flat and heavy or in a mortar and pestle. That gets the juices flowin’. Throw it in the pot and start to bring to a boil. Take 2-3 green cardamom pods and crush them too. Toss them into the pot. Let it boil for a few mins. That really brings the flavors into the water. Next add the tea leaves/powder. One heaped teaspoon per cup you are making (so two). Then I immediately add the milk. Whole milk. Again I use the drinking cup to measure (1 full cup and a splash extra). Now DO NOT leave the stove. Believe me, its no fun to clean burnt milk off your stovetop. Bring it to a rolling boil but be careful because milk boils over in a second once it gets going. Lower the heat and add sugar. I add 2 tsp per cup and sometimes 1 extra “for the pot” if I want it sweeter. You can remove it from the heat once it gets the darkness you like. I usually do it right after adding the sugar.

If tea boils too long it gets bitter (if that happened to you before, now you know why). Strain and enjoy! The great news is, this can be saved in the fridge for at least a day and reheated without turning yucky.

Now, what can we have with our chai? I have an idea…. 🙂

Stay tuned!

Comments on: "My Chai – version one" (14)

  1. Nice recipes, especially chai and pumpkin swirl brownies

  2. I love chai. Perfect way to start the day…actually, and end it.

  3. What kind of cardamom do you use? Green or Black? I want to try it using soymilk since I am lactose intolerant. :/ hope it works! Hot cocoa does so I suppose this should too.

  4. Dosagirl, Its green cardamom. I have made it with soymilk (and others too, like hempmilk) and it does turn out but I make a couple of changes. I use less water/milk ratio since soymilk is already not as thick as cow milk. Also I do not let the soymilk actually boil because it sometimes seems to change something in it (or thats my imagination).

  5. Opened up a new container of Assam tea, and tried this – very good & simple! I grated the ginger rather than mashing since we store the ginger in the freezer.

  6. Yet another one to try, as I love chai but HATE the prepackaged variety and can’t stomach the cost of Stash chai teabags. I love the way you editorialize, e.g., “That gets the juices flowin’ ” — very entertaining.

  7. I made it just now with Vanilla Soy milk and it is so delicious! YUM!!

  8. […] reflected a lot over my life and while doing that it is nice to have a coffee or a chai.  I tried this recipe from The Bee and the Fruit in the Kitchen.  And I liked it  a lot.   When I asked BB how he […]

  9. […] blogger commented on my blog, and when I went to check her blog out, I found a recipe for chai. Big deal, you say, chai schmai, don’t they sell that at Starbucks and in shelf-stable […]

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