I’m an American honeybee and my jackfruit hails from south India. Though we sometimes cook together, its more of my passion. And I’ve been doing it quite a while now.  I love to try new things from all sorts of cuisines. Its vegetarian (plus eggs) but that doesn’t mean just salads! I hope  to share what I know, learn some new recipes, and unite with others who share the love of food! Any questions, just ask?

I can be emailed at honeybeeluvsjackfruit  at gmail dot com

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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  1. What a fantastic Blog! You take some amazing photos. Im showing this one to my boyfreind, he loves cooking!

  2. Hey! Awesome blog! Do keep peeping into mine from time to time, and thanks for your comment!

  3. Sweet Artichoke said:

    Thanks for your nice comment and note!
    Great to find another vegetarian food, with very tempting recipes! I am very tempted by your arancini and look forward to discover more about South Indian recipes 🙂

  4. Tahemeem said:

    Hey u have a lovely website here… Its really interesting to learn that ur better half is from south India. I am from south india too… 🙂
    And ur recipe looks so amazing…
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and ur encouragement 🙂

  5. I LOVE South Indian vegetarian cuisine! THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG!

  6. Wow love your new blog! I had a project long time back of having a cooking blog, but had difficulties keeping it up after being pregnant and now with a toddler, cooking blogs demand a lot of time and effort compared to regular blogs…great job!

    • Thanks Cyn, love your blog too, and the new template. Its totally understandable to not have time with a toddler. Lucky to have time to cook, let alone blog about it, am I right? 🙂

      • I will second that statement to Cyn, Honeybee! With a toddler around (and I remember those days, which I dearly loved by the way), a mom is lucky enough to have time to cook. Our mothers support group actually did a cookbook together: we shared our own (mostly original) family recipes for quick, nutritious, and satisfying suppers. I have to admit some of them were so-so, but some of them became lasting parts of my cooking repetoire.

        Am in the process of moving house right now (and it’s awful), but once my family is happily ensconced in our new place, I’ll look forward to visiting your blog more often. I adore Indian food and your blog is a wonderful resource!

  7. Thanks for dropping by at Meal Times, HoneyBee and also for your encouraging words. I’ll definitely put up new and yummy recipes shortly…

    BTW, you do have a great space here. Love your recipes.

    Thanks for sharing,

  8. Hey,
    Simply superb blog, gr8 posts, nice comments…….. bla bla bla….
    & the wonderful theme adds Charisma to this foodie blog….

    cheers & may you sail far away in near future.

    Sohan Dhande

  9. Hey HoneyBee,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments. First time at your blog and love it !! Great work !!

  10. Yikes, what an awesome blog you have here girl. My hubby is also from south india, kerala. Most of the indian dishes I learned where south indian, and we do eat a ton of fish. However before learning to cook some of the yummy foods from there, I never knew how great vegetarian food is. Growing up in a Romanian family we were the farthest thing from being vegetarian.

    I have subscribed to your blog, and am so happy you found me. Thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my blog.

    PLEASE feel free to stop by anytime and link up any of your wonderful recipes to my weekly party **Amaze me August**. I absolutely LOVE a great recipe, and your’s are wonderful. I would be so happy to have you. 🙂

    Bella 🙂

  11. I absolutely love your blog! The foods you make are so interesting. And your photos are fantastic.

  12. What a beautiful site! Glad I stopped by. lots of beautiful recipes and photos.

  13. what a gorgeous and scrumptious blog! thanks for stopping by mine today.

  14. Hi Honey Bee
    Thanks for dropping by, you have a charming blog here. Did you also just start blogging about 6 months ago?
    looks like we have a South Indian connection as well. I am from chennai and like you a vegetarian who sometimes includes eggs. Wow that is a lot of things in common indeed!

  15. Hello there. thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on the cheesecake cups. cheesecake is just the perfect dessert,right?
    Love your blog. my daughter doesn’t eat meat. can’t wait to try some of your recipes! 🙂

  16. I am loving your blog, It gives me a hope that using your recipes I can surprise my Indian boyfriend,Thank you very much.

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