Vangibath is an easy, go-to all in one dish, a filling lunch, and one of JF favorites(mine too). This can also be made with potato along with or instead of the eggplant/brinjal.

  • 4-5 small eggplant or, if you can find long green eggplant that is best (sliced thin, finger shapes)
  • or 2 potatoes, finger shape cuts
  • 1 onion sliced thin
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 tsp cumin seeds
  • 1tsp urad dal
  • sprig of curry leaves
  • green chilies slit
  • vangibath masala powder
  • cashews or peanuts
  • cilantro
  • leftover rice (2 cups)

Heat oil in a wide pan and add mustard, cumin, urad, green chilies and curry leaves. Then add the onion and saute it well. Add eggplant(if using both, cook potato first until half done, then add the eggplant) or potato, and saute a few minutes. Add salt and then a sprinkle of water and cover with a lid until the vegetable is cooked through. Remove lid and put the masala powder, give it a stir and add in the rice. Mix well and check for salt and masala. Add more if you need to.Sprinkle lemon juice over it. Top with cilantro, roasted cashews or peanuts and I love to have this with raita or yogurt for the creamy and appalam or potato chips for that crunch!

*This month, I am only posting recipes I made using ingredients I had on hand, and this dish was made last month. However, I did make it this month using potatoes, though that is not in the photo. So, it counts, hehe*

Sending this to Akila’s Dish Starts with E

and Healing foods- Eggplant by Siri and Kavita

Comments on: "Eggplant Rice – Vangibath" (15)

  1. Yummy, that looks so good!

  2. vangibath looks delicious. i love eggplant, so i love to try them

  3. Eggplant is one of my favorite veggies and this looks like a really delicious way to prepare it! The nuts on top are a really delicious addition!

  4. I have never heard of vangibath before! I think this looks absolutely divine and simple enough that even I can try it!

    Thank you for a wonderful recipe. I can’t wait to give this a try.

  5. luckyfatima said:

    Is bath rice and vangi eggplant?

    I really would like to try this recipe but I don’t know if I can find vangibath masala. We do have one South Indian market here, Tamil owned. Is it a very common thing that you’re sure I could find? If not, what is the flavor palette of that masala…would something like MDH Kitchen King work with some doctoring/addition?

    • Well, yes, but in Marathi actually. In kannada eggplant is badnekai. Bath generally means some vegs/dal/masala mixed with rice. You can buy vangibath masala pretty easily, it is similar to garam masala, but with roasted channa/urad dal and dried coconut. Im using the one from my ils but I have bought (MTR brand I think) and made it before too.

  6. Definitely my kind of food. Your Vangibath looks so delicious. I am can eat 2 big bowls of it!

  7. I love vangi bhaat!

  8. First of all, ur clicks are so good.. cant stop looking at it…

  9. This looks delicious!

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